Available Kratom Types

Available Kratom Types

We have all strains of kratom to fit every need. 

PLEASE NOTE: Kratom is not for human consumption, the information here is only how kratom has been used in the past and in the Far East/Island areas around the world, and is not to be considered medical advice nor do we claim to cure any disease or malady with kratom.

Kratom has been used for opiate withdrawals, pain management, IBS treatment, treatment for depression, treatment for anxiety, for relaxation, treatment for insomnia, for energy and for recreational purposes. 

Maengda kratom is a very strong strain, with the word maengda actually translated as "Pimp grade".

Typical examples of kratom uses include:
White strains have been used for illicit substance withdrawal symptom relief for cocaine, crack and methamphetamine addicts, also for energy and treatment of depression
Available White Strains:
White Maeng Da
White Bali
Super White Borneo
White Vein
White Kapuas
White Malay

Green strains have been used for relaxation, IBS treatment, opiate withdrawal relief, including heroine, methadone and Suboxone withdrawal symptoms, as well as for energy if taken in small amounts.
Available Green Strains:
Green Maeng Da
Green Bali
Super Green Borneo
Green Vein
Green Kapuas
Green Malay

Red strains have typically been used for marijuana withdrawal symptom relief, for anxiety and for insomnia relief as well as treatment of IBS and loose stools.
Available Red Strains:
Red Maeng Da
Red Bali
Super Red Borneo
Red Vein
Red Kapuas
Red Horn
Red Sumatra
Red Malay

Available Yellow/Gold Strains:
Premium Yellow
Premium Gold

Please be responsible when you purchase kratom and follow the laws of your particular state and/or country. Also be aware that if you live in a state or region where kratom is not legal for purchase and you purchase kratom from Paradise Health, your kratom will most likely be seized and in this case we are not responsible for refunding your purchase price.

To see if kratom is legal in your state, please visit the Kratom Legality Map at Speciosa.org:

If you do not see the strain you are looking for, please contact us and we will most likely have it!